Zalaxis- Rank -Booster

Zalaxis Rank Booster

Are you trying to improve your rank dramatically in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang? Then utilize the Zalaxis Rank Booster. This modish app will assist you in using various kinds of scripts. Auto Win, Boost Rank, Enemy Lag, Team Pro, etc. there are a few main cheats. As a result, you will be in the top position.

Millions of gamers prefer MLBB as it is one of the best online gaming platforms. Its gameplay is customizable, with a vast number of in-game items. Sounds, Music, Themes, Action, Story, Fighters, Costumes, almost everything is fab.


Read this post till the end to know about the primary functions & usage method of the Zalaxis Rank Booster app. All gamers struggle to improve their performance in the Battle Royale. Yet, you can do it without spending any resources. It is a third-party app, similar to Box MLBB Pro, Zong Patcher, Box Skin Injector, and ZPatcher.

Furthermore, Do you want to be the best in this battle arena? You can do so by spending UCs, Gold, or Coins, or by using a mod tool. This website has plenty of excellent cheating apps for lovers. You can download & install them without charge.

Features of Zalaxis Rank Booster:

Zalaxis created this rank-boosting tool. You should not waste your time on useless tools because it is a new and modern app. You will feel a lot better after using these cheats, especially if you are a newbie. So, here is the list of injectable scripts.


  • Auto Win streak
  • Get Damage Up
  •  Get Team Pro
  • Team No Feed
  • Boost Rank
  • No Ban

Damage up All Heroes

  • 72% Marksman
  • 70% fighter
  • Mage 63%
  • 23% support
  • Tank 20%
  • 57% Assassin

Menu Configuration 60 FPS

  • CPU and GPU optimization.
  • Optimize Server and Ping.
  • Smooth Gameplay.
  • Fast Game Loading.


  • Get Enemy Lag
  • Get Enemy Noob
  • Enemy Auto Lose

Many of you are still unaware of its benefits. It is completely free to download and use on Android devices. It does not require a password to open. However, it is not a legal or official app for MLBB. Because it unfairly boosts your rank, ML officials may block your account. We will not force you to cheat. Instead, the purpose of this article is purely educational. As a result, use a virtual space app to activate the cheats.

Other Benefits of Zalaxis Rank Booster:

  • Free to use.
  • Easy to inject cheats.
  • No password for it.
  • Anti-ban, anti-detect.
  • Compatible with the latest MLBB.
  • Win the game easily.
  • New & latest rank booster.
  • User-friendly & lightweight APK.
  • No ads, no root permissions.
  • Much more.

How to Install & Use Zalaxis Rank Booster?

  • We have shared the fastest download link. So, get the app for free from the given link.
  • Install it simply by activating the “Installation from Unknown Sources” in the security settings of your device
  • .Open the app and click on the log-in icon appearing on the screen.
  • Now, you will access the cheat list. So, activate any one of the given. Then, click on the OPEN MLBB in the last of the main menu.
  • Hence, you can enter the game without leaving the app.
  • But the developer has suggested a few good things. For instance, you must delete the cache regularly.
  • Use fewer cheats at one time.


The original & tested file of the Zalaxis Rank Booster APK is ready to download. But remember, it is illegal to use. It boosts your rank unfairly. So, your account may get a ban. To counter this issue, the use of a virtual space app is the right option.

We are not promoters of any malicious activity. Instead, this discussion is for educational purposes only. We have no affiliation with the developers as well. If you are interested in downloading this rank booster, then click the link on the website apkmole, cc. That’s it.

Additional Details

March 24, 2023