ATA MLBG Changer APK MLBB (Latest V3.2.3) Free Download

Latest Version v3.2.3
Last Updated 24 September 2023
Publisher AUNG THURA
Requirements Android 5+
Category injector Tools
Size 15.3 MB
4.6/5 Rating (5)

Today ATA MLBG Changer online gaming becomes a part of life for every Android user all around the world. Many popular games like PUBG, GARENA FREE FIRE, Minecraft, etc are played by Android users. But Mobile Legend Bang Bang is popular all over these games because of its gameplay optimization with unlimited features.

For playing any game the user is first attracted by its user interference. So user interference matters a lot in a game for a user. A game tool that provides all the background of MLLB according to the user’s need is the ATA MLBG Changer App. It is the coolest tool for MLLB gamers to customize the backgrounds according to their need.

ATA MLBG Changer’s remarkable tool is only for the lovers of MLLB players who love to play and customize the game for their needs. Now with this app, you can enjoy playing games with an outstanding experience on your favorite backgrounds. A game with a perfect and attractive display is the first priority for its users. That’s why the ATA MLBG APK has been providing all the backgrounds and premium features without any cost.

This injector app will not only change the background but also provide premium features for Android users. This app is made for Android users only because most people all around the world are using Android devices to play games on them.

Reviews of ATA ML APK

The word ATA MLBG Changer is an abbreviation of the Mobile Legend Background Changer. The whole objective and function of this app lie in its name. Besides the following objectives, it also works on Hero Skins, Recall Effects, etc.

Every one of us wants a tool that provides us with a better experience in games. And allows its user to use all the premium items without money. For a better experience, most of the users use this app APK in MLBB games. Using this app is a beneficial step for all MLLB players without any loss.

When you play the Ml games you look at the premium feature whenever you play it. You get bored looking at the premium items because every one of us can’t afford money to access them. But the MLBG Changer app provides all the things in a simple way to use them.

What Is ATA MLBG Apk?

This ATA MLBG Changer app APK is developed by Aung Thura and Thuya Aung. These developers have made this app for MLLB player to inject their favorite background into the Ml games. In addition, this app works on different hero skins outfits, Maps, and Battle effects and gives you more options for your need. You can change the game’s look as well as the hero skins according to your need.

Every beginner player of ML games can use it easily because of its user-friendly interference. A new player can get all the premium features free of cost with the help of this MLBG Changer App and inject them into the game whenever he needs.

 Whenever you need a skin or a background in an ML game you have to spend some money to alter the skin or background. In ML games from a costume to skins and background Battle effects, everything is too much costly.

In addition to all these, it will make your gameplay fun for you and make the game more engaging for you. So download the latest version of ATA MLBG Changer APK 2023 and enjoy your gameplay.

The best alternatives for ATA Changer are

Mykkie Skin Injector, Fransu ML Vip Injector, Box Skin Injector, Purple Sky injector, Ez Hunter Fc, and many more.

MLBG App Features

The main feature of this app is discussed above but some of the features are left behind in the above lines. So, I am going to discuss them below;

  • The best thing about this app is its interface. This app has six subclasses of different kinds of pictures so that you can select any one of them and put them as your MLB.
  • The main groups of maps on the battlefield are Lava Map, Transformer Map, and Planet Map. It allows you to access 25 Maps of your Battlefield.
  • It allows you to get access to 20+ Skins of Assassins So that you can select any one of them and inject them into your game.
  • It allows you to access the effects like RRQ, EVO, etc. You can also access 25 recall effects for different avatars in this app.
  • It allows you to get access to unlimited Themes in the gameplay.
  • The option of changing the mode of the game is also present you can change the Day Mode into Dark Mode also.
  • The UI contains a lot of changes, for example, Main Changer, Loading Changer, Analog Changer, Common Changer, Loading Text Changer, and Hero Analog Changer
  • The ATA MLBG Changer App has NO Advertisements in it so you can use it without any disturbance of advertisements.
  • This app will not require any Login, Password, or subscription to use it.
  • The last thing in this app is its user-friendly interface which makes it different from all other apps related to this.

What’s New in MLBG Changer?

The updated version of the app has the following new added features;

  • The option of Dark mode is available in the new version of the app.
  • You will get 10 Diamonds as a reward when you open the app for the first time.
  • All the errors related to MLLB are fixed in this version.
  • Now you can customize the theme of the game according to your need.
  • Restore all UI.
  • Modify the border, Profile, and Name of your Hero.
  • ON Notifications for new updates of the app.
  • You can buy gaming items by using ATA Diamonds.
  • The best thing about this app is that it will delete your data after uninstalling it.

How to download and install the MLBG changer APK?

Follow the steps one by one for the complete procedure of Download and Installation;

  • To download the APK file of the app you have to click on the download button at the top of this article.
  • After that, the download process will start in a few seconds.
  • For the installation procedure, you have to go to the app section of your Android Phone.
  • The app file of the app is being there. You have to tap on it for the installation process.
  • It will ask you to open the unknown source option for proceeding with the installation.
  •  After doing this tap on the APK file so that the installation procedure will start and end after a few minutes.

How does MLBG Changer work?

  • After the complete procedure of installation, the Icon of the app will be shown on your Android device on your Home Screen.
  • Open the app it will ask for some terms and conditions to use it. Click on the Agree option.
  • When you reach the home page it will give you 10 Diamonds as a reward.
  • On the home page, you will be able to select any category visibly there.
  • And select any of them and inject them into the MLLB game.

When you apply the changes you will see a huge change in the MLLB game.

FAQs about MLBB Changer:

What is meant by the word MLBG Changer?

The word MLBG Changer is an Abbreviation of Mobile Legends Back Ground changer.

 Is it safe to use the MLBG app?

Yes, this app is 100% safe to use on Mobile phones. This app will not harm your device or Data in any way. It is a 99.9% virus-free app and highly protected from viruses.

Is it legal to download the Changer APK?

No, this app is not legal to download because it will provide the features which are paid for in the game. But with this app, you will get all the premium features of the game free of cost, so this app is illegal to use. In addition to all these, it has now millions of active users. So, don’t worry use it within limits while using the features.

What’s new in the latest version of MLBG Changer 2023?

As compared to the older version of this app the updated version has more Skins, Maps, Recall Effects, etc. It will make able you to defeat your enemy in seconds and improves your matching skills match by match.

How someone can update the ATA MLBG App?

To update your app with new updates you have to Visit our Website and download or update your app with the latest versions.

What is the cost of MLBG Changer?

This app is free of cost and is not available at the Google Play Store. So, whenever you want these types of apps you have to visit our website (Apkmole).


After all the above discussions you can, you can estimate that the ATA MLBG Changer App is a famous tool for its outstanding features. This app is famous for its lightweight and for getting new updates on each version. So download the latest version of this app and improve your gaming skills with each update. And keep visiting our website for more Apps and Games.

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