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Best Sensitivity For Free Fire Setting 2023

Last Updated 11 September 2023
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The best sensitivity of Free Fire – If we hear the free fire game, we certainly won’t feel strange anymore. Because this game is indeed one of the best games today so that it can be well known by the Indonesian people. The free fire itself is the battle royal survival game created by Garena. , and can enjoy all platforms today. Previously Mimin also gave an interesting post, namely the FF Account Hack Application. If you want to take someone else’s free-fire account use this method.

Because the size of the ff is very friendly you can enjoy it in Smartphone’s that have RAM under 2GB. Even it plays smoothly and successfully even though the device specifications are very minimal. Such as 1GB ram and below, because of things like this, many survivors prefer to play free fire games when compared to other games.


Because many people have smart phones with an average RAM of 2GB and below. So this free fire is very suitable to be used to fill the spare time of survivors and enjoy incredibly exciting surveillance games. Free fire is also the game with the most online players every day.

Even up to 60 million active players within a day or every day, it’s only natural that FF is always busy playing because the developer as Garena always provides the best services for the players. Such as preparing events, the latest updates, and others, so that those who play the game FF from the beginning was just trying it out, it will feel addicted to this free fire game.

Maybe you have, when playing the ff game, always get killed by pro players. From the movements of the pro player characters easily kill without having to bother. So that’s all a secret, namely in the Free Fire Sensitivity section, of course, the pro players will do. This ff game sensitivity setting makes controlling much easier and more controllable as expected.

For those who still don’t know what Free Fire Sensitivity is. Miminal will explain in detail about this FF Sensitivity setting. So that you can become a pro player and can kill lots of opponents in the battle arena. Before setting the FF sensitivity you should know in advance. What is FF Sensitivity?

What is Free Fire Sensitivity?

Pay close attention to the explanation given by Game versi. So the sensitivity of this free fire is the direction to set the shot. It is always right on target as we think, by setting the ff sensitivity. When shooting at the enemy it won’t shake or the shot won’t fall apart everywhere.

After that, the pro more play makes this setting so that when aiming is always right on target. The bullets will not scatter everywhere, of course, this ff sensitivity is very important. Especially if you are one of the new ff players so you must be obliged to do these settings, in order to keep up with the pro players.

The ff free fire sensitivity setting that minimum provides is the pro player setting. Which takes from a pro player who has won the free fire game tournament in the last year. The results of the ff sensitivity setting are proven real. Because when shooting will always be right targets ranging from shooting while running, shooting while squatting, and shooting while lying down.

Regardless of your position, the bullet will certainly hit the target easily from the shooting distance that you adjust. Hence if you really feel interested and want to set free fire sensitivity like a pro player. You can see how the settings are as follows below.

How to Set Sensitivity for Free Fire All-Pro Player

Every survival game has settings or settings for controlling shots, and from this setting. We can feel comfortable when shooting in the desired direction, starting from a short distance, quite a long distance.

This makes users depend on the settings that must be done, so the key is in the control sensitivity setting. It must be set properly so that controlling shots is more comfortable and always on target.

By using the ff sensitivity setting that Miminal provides. It will be easy for you to control the shot so that it can always be shaky. Then how do you set this ff sensitivity, you can see in full below.

Setting the Look Around / around 30/40 option

This is mandatory to do because we can see around or around us. Namely using a sensitivity ranging from 30 to 40. The point is that the screen doesn’t move quickly when looking around it.

That way you can easily see the enemies around us. If it’s too fast then the enemy is quite difficult to see. Sensitivity settings ranging from 30 and 40 are very suitable for use.

60/80 Red Dot Sight Option Settings

Best sensitivity for all scopes

For the second secret, you can set the sensitivity in the red dot sight. The most effective is the setting starting from 60 to 80, so that when shooting at the opponent. It will be much easier when the scope is used, this will benefit you. so that it is far better.

Option Settings 2X Scope 40/60

The 3rd setting is in the 2x scope sensitivity section. The most appropriate is in the 40 to 60 number sections. So that the character we use will not make an excessive movement. And is suitable for shooting from a long distance because the character will be calm without twitching.

Option Settings 4x Scope 30/404

For the 2x scope sensitivity setting, the most effective way is to use a number around 30 to 40. The goal is that when we aim a shot, the bullet will not deviate far from the target. Hence we make it easy to hit the target as we are aiming for or targeting.

AWM Scope Option Setting Number 0

In the AWM Scope option setting, make sure it is at 0 empty. All you have to know why we are obliged to be 0 will be. So that the scope can get closer from the shooting distance. Hence if you apparently want to shoot enemies from a distance. Use scope 0 to make it look close from a distance. View, if we set the AWM scope to high.

Then it will not be right on target, because when the opponent looks close enough. Our shots will go off target, so make sure to use the sensitivity setting in the blank 0 sections to match what is targeted.

Is FF Sensitivity Setting Can Always Be Right on Target

Then can the sensitivity setting through the method above help you when the game starts? So by doing the settings above, we can easily aim at the shooting direction of the enemies in the arena.

This setting is the best setting like a pro player so you can kill the enemies as much as you want. Because the shooting distance will always be right on target. You can be said to be one of the pro ff players. Use the settings above.

But besides that, there are also several other settings that we can use to make shots so that we can be right on target, for other ff sensitivity settings, you can see them as shown below.

Current Best Free Fire Sensitivity Settings

If you are curious about other settings then you can do the settings like what Mimin has summarized, and this setting has proven to be effective in killing existing enemies, then what are the ff sensitivity settings that we have to change, please see below this.

All Frontal Gaming Sensitivity Settings FF

  • Frontal Gaming Sensitivity Setting Look Around / Around => 50
  • Frontal Gaming Red Dot Sight Sensitivity Settings => 8
  • Frontal Gaming Sensitivity Setting 2x Scope => 6
  • Frontal Gaming Sensitivity Setting 4x Scope => 4
  • AWM Scipe Frontal Gaming Sensitivity Setting => 0

Free fire All Letda Hyper Sensitivity Settings

  • Letda hyper Sensitivity Settings Look Around / Around => 50
  • Letda hyper Red Dot Sight Sensitivity Settings => 55
  • Letda hyper 2x Scope => 55
  • Letda hyper 4x Scope => 55
  • Letda hyper AWM Scope => 10

FF All Wawan MKS Sensitivity Settings

  • All Wawan MKS Sensitivity Setting Look Around => 64
  • All Wawan MKS Red Dot Sight Sensitivity Setting => 19
  • Sensitivity Settings of All Wawan MKS 2x Scope => 12
  • All Wawan MKS Sensitivity Settings 4x Scope => 5
  • All Wawan MKS AWM Scope Sensitivity Settings => 0

Free Fire All MR 05 Sensitivity Settings

  • MR Sensitivity Setting 05 Surround / Surround => 100
  • MR 05 Red Dot Sight Sensitivity Setting => 50
  • MR 05 2x Scope Sensitivity Setting => 10
  • MR 05 Sensitivity Setting 4x Scope => 40
  • MR 05 AWM Scope Sensitivity Setting => 33

Is With This Sensitivity Setting Can Boost

Now by doing the settings like the one above. It will be much easier to win the match or shake, at least do the settings like the one above. Serve the world champion, pro players, use the sensitivity settings above what you want.

That way later when aiming the shot. It will always be right on target, because it will not shake when shooting against the enemy. The result is that all the bullets hit the target.

The final word

So is the explanation regarding the Sensitivity of Free Fire Control Settings So Pro Player FF clear. So follow the settings above, and immediately use it to see the results. You will feel much different from before, and this setting is more comfortable and accurate to hit the target. Either from a long distance, quite a distance away, and a short distance. We can do all of that with the sensitivity settings as above. Thanks for your cooperation with us and visit our website Apkmole for more like that.

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